Q: Who can join the tree?
A: Anyone who trains! Whether it’s your first day, first year or first promotion everyone is welcome to add themselves to the tree.

Q: Does it cost anything to add myself?
A: Absolutely not, adding yourself to the tree is 100% free.

Q: How do I add myself to the tree?
A: It’s easy. Click on the register link and sign up with a valid email address. You’ll be sent a confirmation link in an email. Click on the link and you’re ready to find your instructor and take your place in the annals of BJJ history.

Q: What if my instructor isn’t in the tree?
A: If your instructor hasn’t been added yet you will need to add him/her first.

Q: What if my instructor isn’t a black belt?
A: Right now you can only be a student under a black belt so if your instructor isn’t a black belt yet you will need to put yourself under the black belt who promotes your instructor.

Q: I want to add my instructor so I can add myself. Where do I add him/her?
A: If your instructor hasn’t been added to the tree yet you will need to find out his/her lineage and see how many people from that line are missing. For example, your instructor’s lineage goes:

Mitsuyo Maeda > Helio Gracie > Royce Gracie > Joe Teacher > John Professor > Mike Student

If you look in the tree you’ll see Royce Gracie is already there. Next you will need to make sure Joe Teacher is added before adding John Professor and then yourself, Mike Student. Always start by adding the person farthest away from you first then work toward yourself. If you have any questions or problems with the process you can always email us and we’ll help you out.

Q: What if I’m training under multiple black belts?
A: At this time the tree only allows for one line. We’re working on being able to have multiple lines for students who train at a school that is run by more than one black belt.


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