BJJ News 10-6-2016

Posted by: Philippe Dixon on 10/6/2016

EBI Getting a Twist for 2017

Eddie Bravo's EBI events have garnered a lot of popularity by showcasing submission-only rules and the introduction of overtime similar to what's adopted by Olympic wrestling to decide matches that are tied at the end of regulation time. He has been an innovator in the sport for many years now creating an almost yoga-like approach to BJJ with his 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu. His creativity, however, is not stopping with unique techniques and getting rid of points for tournaments. He is adding a new spin to the EBI events. Striking. Bravo announced that open palm strikes will be allowed in the EBI events once competitors are on the ground, like those used in pancration-style events, to help open up submissions . Slaps will be the only striking allowed though, kicks, punches, elbows etc will be illegal. Aside from the open palm strike all other rules will remain the same. The events will still be 16 man tournaments, submission only, 10 minute rounds with overtime for tie matches. The introduction of strikes will definitely facilitate a lot more submissions in the event and could easily tip the balance one way or another if two fighters are very close in skill. Equally matched grapplers can quickly end up in a stalemate which can be unappealing to watch, even for experienced practitioners. It will remain to be seen if competitors will be more or less willing to actually participate in the event with the new rules.

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