BJJ News 10-7-16

Posted by: Philippe Dixon on 10/7/2016

BJ Penn out of Fight Night 97

Slated for yet another octagon return this month, longtime UFC veteran and former champion BJ Penn has withdrawn from UFC Fight Night 97, scheduled to take place October 15th, because of an injury sustained during training. Penn is a 5th degree black belt in BJJ, and was the first non-Brazilian to win the Mundials receiving his black belt in only three years. These feats are what earned him the nickname "The Prodigy". He's also held the UFC Championship multiple times, over two weight classes and has had to withdraw from fights due to injury several times over his career. This is not uncommon as the high intensity and grueling nature of the workouts needed to prepare for MMA often leads to injury. What is uncommon is having to cancel the entire event because a fighter can't fight. The short notice has made it impossible to find a replacement for Penn and the UFC has decided to cancel the event altogether. Luckily for the athletes the UFC has promised to deliver the contract amounts even though the event won't be held.

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