BJJ News 9-24-16

Posted by: Philippe Dixon on 9/24/2016

War of the Rules

Gordon Ryan has been making a stir on the BJJ scene lately after beating Keenan Cornelius in a no time limit, sub only match and challenging numerous top level competitors to super fights with a similar rule set. It now appears that Ryan is being issued a challenge of his own. In exchange over social media, after Ryan withdrew from a Grappling Pro event following the announcement that Jackson would also be participating, Jackson called on Ryan to fight him under Grappling Pro or ADCC rules. Jackson has had significant success against the Danaher Death Squad and is 6-0 against its members in matches where points are scored. There has been a lot of back and forth so far but it doesn't look like this dispute is going to be settled anytime soon as Ryan and Jackson can't seem to find a rule set that both of them can agree too. Submission only events are quickly gaining in popularity and are offering big bounties to the winners. The rules in many sub only events are geared to encouraging action and ending the match prior to the end of regulation time if there is a limit. This looks to be in response to the trend in point scored tournaments where the strategies have become so optimized that often very little action takes place. This can be tough to watch for both practitioners and non-practitioners alike. The sub only movement is definitely looking for ways to recapture viewers' attention and grow a recurring audience with exciting matches that end with clear victories. Is submission only the future of BJJ? I think it's still too soon to tell but you can certainly see the emergence of two camps forming.

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