BJJ News 9-25-16

Posted by: Philippe Dixon on 9/25/2016

BJJ Rises to the Top in Rizin 2

BJJ was on full display as the Rizin 2 Grand Prix event began yesterday in Japan. Mirko Cro Cop started things off right and won his opening match in the 8 man tournament in the very first round against Hyun Man Myung by way of arm triangle. Myung clinched with Cro Cop right off the opening bell pinning Cro Cop against the ropes. Mirko, more know for his devastating head kicks and knockout power, secured a body lock on his opponent and took him down with a modified lateral drop. Cro Cop landed in top half and quickly progressed to mount. After softening up his opponent with some ground and pound Cro Cop sank in the arm triangle quickly dispatching Myung.

Gabi Garcia ended up improving her MMA record to 3-0 in a women's open weight fight against Destanie Yarborough. The two spent the first couple of minutes of the fight exchanging flurries with Garcia attempting to close the distance and establish the clinch unsuccessfully several times. At about 2 minutes in, Garcia went for a standing guillotine that she could not finish and ended up snapping Yarborough to the mat. From there it was all downhill for Yarborough. Garcia kept heavy pressure on her Yarborough raining hammer fists and knees to the head against her opponent. Garcia soon improved to the mount position and locked up the Americana finishing her opponent with 2:19 left in the first round. The 10x World Champion looks to be continuing to improve her striking skills, and while she did not always look completely comfortable in the exchanges, you can see her confidence in her punches is growing. There can be no doubt that Garcia adding this skill set to her arsenal will make her a very difficult opponent to overcome, even for the most experienced fighter.

Kron "Ice Cream Kron" Gracie also put on a grappling show for the fans last night in his bout with Hideo Tokoro. The fighters exchanged strikes and jockeyed for position in the clinch before Gracie hit a smooth modified duck under to take Tokoro's back. Tokoro was able to fend off Gracie's attacks and eventually turn into Gracie's guard. He was thought there for long though, as he attempted to stand up Kron hit a sweep and quickly got on top and started passing Tokoro's guard. Tokoro, not looking to tangle with Gracie in his native environment, tried to roll away from his opponent but Gracie was quick to sink his hooks in and reestablish back control. Tokoro would not be so successful at fighting off attacks this time though and Kron sunk in a rear naked choke forcing his opponent to tap.

Fight to Win Pro 13

Multi-time World No Gi Champion Baret Yoshida added yet another credential to an already impressive resume. Yoshida was able to finish his opponent, Mike Reyna with a choke, in the main event retaining his title as Men's Black Belt Featherweight Champion.

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