BJJ News 9-27-16

Posted by: Philippe Dixon on 9/27/2016

Gordon Ryan Draws Felipe Pena in Latests Super Fight

"King" Gordon is looking to cross another name off of his super fight wish list, this time in the form of one No-Gi World Champion Felipe Pena. Pena is the latest in a growing line of top level competitors to accept the challenge and the match will be submission only with no time limit that Ryan and other members of the Danaher Death Squad have been really excelling in as of late. Pena had won the 2014 IBJJF Worlds but made headlines last year when he was stripped of the title due to testing positive for testosterone by USADA. After investigating it was found that the source of testosterone had been a cream provided by Pena's doctor. This eventually lead to Pena being ineligible for IBJJF competitions for one year in addition to losing his World Championship. The match between Pena and Ryan is scheduled to take place at Studio 540 on December 17th later this year.

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