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Posted by: Philippe Dixon on 9/28/2016

How Alvarez can Win UFC 205

With current featherweight champion Conor McGregor fresh off his welterweight rubber match win against Nate Diaz things have barely settled down before the UFC announced he will be fighting Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight title. While some fighters like Anderson Silva and Randy Couture have moved up and down weight classes periodically throughout their careers this will only be the second time champions from two different weight classes will face each other. And it looks like Alvarez already has a good idea on what direction he would want to take the fight. Back in February he was speaking to Ariel Hawani on The MMA Hour about the scheduled fight between Rafael Dos Anjos and McGregor and went on at length about what Dos Anjos needed to do to defeat "The Notorious One." Simply put, he said you need to take McGregor down and fight him on the ground. He also commented on how many of the BJJ and wrestling specialists who've fought McGregor didn't impose their game and instead fought Conor on the feet where he's most comfortable.

Looking at McGregor's fight history, there doesn't appear to be a more a sound strategy. With 17 of his 20 wins coming by way of knockout McGregor clearly gets his best results trading strikes on the feet. We've also seen McGregor vulnerable to grapplers in past matches as well where Chad Mendes took him down multiple times in UFC 189 and Nate Diaz choking him out in their first match up. In fact Conor has only ever lost by submission, he tapped out for all three of his losses. We can even see that McGregor acknowledged this weakness by him bringing in Marcelo Garcia black belt Dillon Danis to get his BJJ up to par for the second fight with Diaz. Clearly McGregor understands he needs to improve this weakness if he's to continue being a dominant force in MMA. So the question that remains is will Alvarez be able to impose a ground game on McGregor or will McGregor be able to build his skills up enough to keep it on the feet and strike his way to a championship in a second weight division? We'll get to find out Novermber 12th.

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