BJJ in the News 9/20/16

Posted by: Philippe Dixon on 9/21/2016

10th Planet Getting Ready to Evolve in Asia

Evolve MMA, considered by many to be the number one MMA team in Asia, has recently announced it will be establishing a joint effort with Eddie Bravo and 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu to make the largest no-gi program in that part of the world. Rick Marshall, a black belt under 10th Planet, will be relocating to Evolve MMA in Singapore to start the new venture between the two teams. The addition of the no-gi specialists looks to be another powerful addition to an already dominant team that hosts a number of successful fighters and champions.

Ryan Running Out of Matches?

Gordon Ryan is not shy about calling out top level BJJ competitors as he continues to make a name for himself and the Danaher Death Squad in no limit, submission only super fights. Ryan recently tried to entice multi-time Black Belt World Champion Andre Galvao into a match but the Galvao camp wasn't having it. In a rather lengthy exchange on Facebook with Angelica Galvao, the World Champions's wife pointed out that Ryan needed to earn his shot and qualify at the high level tournaments like everyone else if he wants a match with Andre.

While the match with Galvao looks to be out Ryan recently was scheduled to fight World, ADCC and Pan American Champion Claudio Calasans Jr in a super fight at the upcoming Grappling Industries Manhattan tournament. Calasans has reportedly withdrawn from the match after his request to be paid his portion of the fee in cash instead of by check was denied by the promotion. Having seemingly fewer and fewer takers for super fight matches, Ryan has said this is because top level guys are now running from him. The promotion plans on still holding the super fight with Ryan and are currently looking for a replacement.

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