BJJ in the News 9/21/16

Posted by: Philippe Dixon on 9/21/2016

Grappling Industries and EBI Join Forces

Think you have what it takes win an EBI event? Well you just may get your chance. Grappling Industries and Eddie Bravo will now be collaborating to help find local BJJ talent and give them an opportunity to make it to the big show. This year Grappling Industries have hosted a number of submission-only super fights with big names including Keenan Cornelius, Gordon Ryan and Eddie Cummings to compliment their round robin tournament events. With EBI and its submission-only with overtime format quickly gaining popularity it's not hard to see how the two events would compliment each other. Grappling Industries will be offering the chance to qualify for an EBI event and win a trip to California to compete. Anyone can enter, the only requirement is to win a Grappling Industries event that features the EBI grand prize.

Caio Terra Takes NAGA by Storm

Caio Terra took a leisurely stroll through the expert bantamweight division at the NAGA Norcal tournament over the past weekend. The 10x World Champion made quick work of the competition winning all 10 of his matches by submission. Terra went on to comment on Instagram that it isn't always about money and he wanted to do the tournament for fun and to test himself. With a performance like that it would appear that he passed the test with flying colors.

Agazarm and Rocha Heating Up

Scheduled for an upcoming match at Fight to Win Pro 14, AJ Agazarm and Vagner Rocha are getting into it a little early, with a rap battle. The Pan-American Champion, Agazarm, posted a rhyming call-out on instagram to Rocha saying he would choke him until his eyelids fluttered. Rocha, replied in kind, with his own rap answer dissing Agazarm's rhymes. Their is some history between the two and fought previously on several occasions. You can click here for Rocha's reply.

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